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We are looking forward to working with all of you and leading you toward the Bagriot.  

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    Dear Students, 

    This year we'll deepen our knowledge in the 4 major skills..Reading comprehension, Speaking, Listening and Writing.

    We will also learn some fascinating pieces of literature. I really hope you are going to enjoy your studies.

    Here you will find the files and activities connected to Conflict Resolution 

    Conflict materials for the 12th grade will be posted here. 

    Post Reading – A Lamb to the Slaughter


    It is fifteen years later and Mary Maloney decides to write a letter to her son and explain why she killed her husband.

     Write the letter.

     You can relate to

    ·      the reasons she killed him,

    ·      the feelings she felt then

    ·      how she feels right now.

    ·      the irony of the story.

    Here you will find different sources and activities to practice vocabulary for 3 points